Plankton overview

We now have two modi in PlanktonID. The already well-known puzzle mode and a new sorting mode. In the puzzle mode we discern 8 rhizaria categories and 3 further Zooplankton categories. In the sorting mode - which is available after 1000 images were validated in the puzzle mode - we discern 16 further categories that include different plankton organisms, fish, different particle classes and some image artifacts. Click on the images, to get further information


  • Rhizaria Bild
  • Phaeodaria leg: Many, irregularly arranged spines around a small, black center. Cell border discernable.More information
  • Sphere eye: Small black nucleus, clearly recognizable border. More information
  • Sphere thorn: Small black nucleus, clearly recognizable border. Spines.More information
  • Collodaria black: Black nucleus, border difficult or not discernable. More information
  • Collodaria globule: Large, round or oval, uniform grey. More information
  • Collodaria colonial: Different forms, many regularly arranged dots on the surface.More information
  • Radiolaria acantharia: Small nucleus, straight, symmetrically arranged spines.More information
  • Foraminifera spiky: Small, very dark center. Many long, irregular spines.More information
  • Other zooplankton

  • Rhizaria Bild
  • Zoo polychaeta: Worms with many legs or bristles.More information
  • Crust copepod: Oval body with tail, two antennae visible.More information
  • Shrimp like: Shrimp-like with head and tail, in most cases eyes are discernable.More information