How does this game work?

In each round of our game we show you a set of 16 images. Your task is to identify from the 16 images those resembling the examples on the right hand side. If you don't know which features you have to look at, there is a small text explaining the most important characteristics of the category below the example images. Furthermore, you will find more information if you click on the example images.

Quality control

From eight of the 16 images we know whether they belong into this category or not. The position of these known images is randomized and different in each round of the game. In the example you see on the left, we know that the images with the green margin belong to the same category as the examples, whereas those images marked with red, don't. This enables us to calculate your success rate for each round and to give you a direct feedback. We need at least 10 validations for each image to obtain a representative result.